Why do we make paper products?

We started with a lot of different materials in 2017, but we collected data from the internet in 2017, and benchmark about energy and water to produce different materials. Data shows that paper requires less energy and water to produce.

Energy MJ/kg Water L/kg
Cotton 90 – 158 ~ 1900
Polyester 136 – 196 82 – 165
Flax 31 – 105 177
Wool 52 – 110 75 – 328
Lyocell 89 – 193 131
Paper 10-36 17 – 64

We do not work with production so we could not get the exact figure. But we carefully select the paper we use from reliable source. The washable craft paper we used were from Germany and the trees were harvest from a sustainable source. It is a leather like paper which has a lot of strength and age like leather, biodegradable, but the cost is very high compare to ordinary paper and fabric.

Besides, we also select recycled paper in our hand-tag or visit card.

We do our best. When consumers like our products and we product in bigger amount, we will have more influences in the whole supply chain, which will make a positive impact to the environment.

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