Sigtuna bag, your daily vegan elegance

Crème de la crème

Tears shine like a diamond at night.

We design and tailor make the best vegan products for you.

When you go to ball party, or a red carpet event or other special events in your daily life, our Night Tears series give you an elegant sustainable vegan style and it will show your love and care to the environment.

Materials and accessories are carefully selected by our Swedish designers, while our vegan leather is made with wood fiber from Italy and Germany, The wood were came from a sustainable source in Scandinavia forest, and did not hurt any animals nor pollute the environment.


We can tailor make items for you! It can be a handbag, a pouch, a wallet, a notebook or other handmade products. It will be a unique design for you, and you can add your name or a special logo. You are welcome to email us about your idea and we will send you a quotation for the tailor made product.

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