We care about our environment and our customers health. That is why we only use the best vegan materials in our products.

We select the materials carefully, to make sure they have no impact to the environment and reach the European standards. These materials are usually come from sustainable forestry and other upcycled and recycled suppliers.

We admit that sometimes we cannot ...

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Award selections

You always get the best from us.

Our products are award winning and at the lead in the sustainable lifestyle trend. Simple yet practical, align with the Swedish lagom way of living. One example is our Tote in tube, this vegan leather bag only weight about 120g, but can hold up to 8kg. The thread uses the latest up-cycled cotton from T-shirt manufacturers, so you will always get the latest colour trend.

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"A better place for people to live, and a wish that our future generations enjoy the nature", this is what Tearojoy strives to make happen. Please continue to follow and support us. We promise to influence more business and consumers to do the same. When you buy products from us you are supporting the sustainable industry and environmental conservation. When you follow our social media, you are nfluencing people around you as well.

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Tearojoy - Love and Care

Established in Sweden, the greenest country in the world, Tearojoy highly value sustainability, quality and safety. We care and love our nature and our future generations. Our brand name "Tearojoy" represents all the bad things (tears) we did to the environment and animals. Yet, if we act positively, all these cruelty and deterioration will come to an end, and only tears of joy remain.

"Do it right from the beginning", otherwise we might need to pay back in the future. From the first step we use sustainable materials in our products, so that we do not cause any pollution to the earth. The journey is not easy because there are a lot of plastic based products that are not noticeable. For example, polyesters that are traditionally used in clothes and plush toys; poly-resin that are used in furniture, lighting and decorations; synthetic rubber and leather, and so on. No wonder why our water is full of plastics.

In our journey of sustainability, we created 4 endangered species characters to represent 4 environmental friendly materials: Cork, Vegan leather, Organic / up-cycled denim, organic cotton / naturally coloured cotton. By selling products with sustinable materials, we donate part of our profit to support animal and environmental conservation projects. And we wish that our ambassadors can remind our younger generations about the advantages in sustainable lifestyle.


Since 2017, our products have been sold to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and UK and US. Our business concept and products were in different media channels and selected in different awards. We are happy to see that people in the world like our green concept. We will always stay at the front and provide the best sustainable solutions to our customers.

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