The 3-horned rhino logo

Many people asked if it is a dinosaur, and what is the meaning behind.

In 2016, someone spotted a 3-horned rhino in Namibia. If you have read our Timeline you would have noticed that one of our main goal is to support the works endangered species. This 3-horned rhino is suitable for one of our goals.


These 3 horns match the three pillar in sustainability – Environment, Social, Economic.

One of the goals of the Tearojoy project is to create a story series, which promote environmental friendliness, to remind our readers when they are reading the story, no matter in words, comics, cartoon or other media.

And we develop our products with natural and/or recycled materials, or products that minimize waste and with good quality. One one hand to give a “better” choice for our fellow residents on earth, and on the other hand, if we manage to earn money from the products, it can support the Story writing work mentioned above.

We want to build a business that is sustainable and contribute to the society continuously.

We hope from now on, it will be joy for our environment and society. If it were tears in the past, it will be tears of joy in the future.

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