Tearojoy Spirits by Caroline

These are the animal spirits characters designed by Caroline Sellstone. She had made it with play dough, which is very cute and suitable to make into a children series.

The top left is the three-horned rhinoceros Noshe.
Many people already know that they have been hunted seriously and their horns are more expensive than gold because of “no real reason”.

The top right is porpoise Sakura. This one is harbour porpoise you can find in Europe, while there is another finless version you can find in Asian. The species itself is not vulnerable yet, but some sub-species are critically endanger. Their population are also affected by hunting activities and water pollution, their predators such as Orca are also affected. Sakura is just a symbol, think about the ocean as a whole.

The bottom left is tiger Ditu. Sometimes we call it Big Cat. We did not define it clearly because it is a spirit. How does it come to the world we do not know yet. Leave us some comments so we write into the story.

The bottom right is pangolin Athada. Pangolins are seriously hunted in Asian and Africa, their scales were illegally traded in the scale of tons.they are small and cute mammals in the size between 30-100 cm.

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